On July 21, it seemed that Chipotle was the latest consumer brand to have fallen victim to social media account hackers. The fast food chain fired off a series of 12 – what seemed to be random – tweets over the course of an hour. The tweets, although not malicious, ranged from incomplete sentences to a request to pick up lime, salt and onions, and ended with an apology from their Twitter Manager, Joe. It turns out the whole thing was a farce to help promote the company’s 20th anniversary. While risky, we think Chipotle is the perfect type of brand to pull off a stunt of this magnitude. Here’s why: Read More »
When Stonyfield Yogurt began its loyalty program in 2009, they did not anticipate it would have received such a large response. According to ChiefMarketer.com, due to the high response rate and Stonyfield's inability to keep up with customer demand, starting this month the company has decided to end the program. The company noted that it wanted to ensure members felt truly rewarded and they did not feel that they could accomplish this with their small internal staff. Read More »
Blogging is a word that gets thrown around by a lot of agency people. It’s a buzzword so it often gets mixed in with the social media pitch. It’s also usually accompanied by a request for large amounts of support content and that’s where it usually dies - who has time for that? So the blog gets shelved and you miss out on what could be a very powerful marketing tool (the SEO value alone is enough to make it compelling). So here’s a suggestion – don’t create a blog, curate one. As so many successful bloggers have proven, content isn’t a problem. It’s out there – everywhere. All you have to do is sort through it and serve up the stuff that’s most relevant to your audience. The drudgereport is among the most trafficked sites on the web and all it does is curate the news with a point of view – so why not use that model to get your point of view out there? And there are plenty of tools out there that make it easy. Tumblr is a great curation tool. It’s simple, easy to use and doesn’t require you generate copious amounts of unique content. Pinterest is another burgeoning social tool that’s essentially a curation tool (it’s also integrated with Facebook so it can kill two content birds with one stone). The beauty of both tools? You can be set up and curating in a matter hours. Or with a little help from us, you can probably get that down to a matter of minutes. Don’t believe me? Check out the brand new creative inspiration tumblr we just created for push. From “idea” to “I did it” in under 15 minutes. Seriously. Check it out. Rob Wilkie is the creative director at PUSH 22, an integrated marketing and communications agency supporting leading and emerging companies. Read More »