Three Digital Platforms to Consider When Targeting Higher Education Students

Posted: November 30, 2017

Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy

Snapchat or Instagram? Pandora or Spotify? The media you choose to target your audience is key in getting your message heard by the right people. Making sure you understand your audience, and their interests and social behaviors, is imperative to a successful media campaign. Being familiar with social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – is a start, but to run a worthwhile campaign, you need to know where those quality leads are coming from.

When developing a strong social advertising strategy, listening and understanding your audience is key. What are their interests? What are their typical media behaviors and preferences? If you are trying to increase enrollment for incoming freshmen, it’s helpful to know what social channels or streaming services they’re using most. Most college aged students (18-24 year-olds) are using their mobile devices for information than they are desktop or television. Streaming services and social media channels offer the greatest chance for you to reach the highest population of potential students



Pandora vs Spotify

The battle between two streaming services. Both Pandora and Spotify have a strong listener base: Pandora boasts 73.7 million, while Spotify has 60 million active listeners. But even with Pandora’s high listener count, Spotify still has a higher percentage of listeners in the 18-24 age group, making it the stronger choice for reaching high school/college students.

Instagram vs Snapchat

Recently, Instagram updated their app to include “Instagram stories,” which is very similar to Snapchat. Both feature selfies with filters (everyone looks better with puppy ears, right?), and location tagging, but there are still plenty of differences to set them apart. Reports have shown that Instagram has taken the lead in popularity. It presents the opportunity to display ads traditionally while users scroll through their feed, as well as through the “stories” feature, while Snapchat displays ads in the Discover section which users must find themselves, or they pop up after watching a story.

Mobile and Desktop

Most businesses think of mobile compatibility for their website as something that is just “nice to have.” But in reality, mobile internet use has surpassed desktop browsing! It is now more important to design a mobile-friendly site, as most of your visitors will be viewing from their smartphones or tablets. Also, more email is read on mobile devices than on desktop, so keep that in mind when designing future emails and offers.


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