The Building Blocks For Your Next Digital Campaign

Posted: March 16, 2017

Topics: Inbound Marketing

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Currently, digital (or online) advertising is one of the best ways to get the word out about your product or service. It’s fast. It’s measurable. And, when implemented correctly, it’s impactful. These factors are driving nearly every company with an online presence to implement digital campaigns that drives traffic to their websites or landing pages to increase awareness, generate leads, and more.

But what does it take to make a digital campaign?

Well, that’s not a simple one-off answer. The fact is that digital campaigns can be created using a variety of different content pieces, strategies and insights. For the sake of this article, let’s stick to one source in particular — existing content. To clarify, when we say existing content, what we’re talking about are things you probably already have: case studies, sales materials, press releases, or presentations.

Ready? Good. Let’s get building.

Case Studies

Fundamentally a good case study is a good story. It draws the reader in by showcasing how a challenging or unique problem was solved thanks to your company’s product or service. It typically includes background, problem solutions and results sections to showcase the situation as a whole.

How to use them:

Case studies make great jumping off points because they allow you to focus intensely on a single pain point to build around. Let’s say you’re in the automotive business and you have a case study detailing your specialization in developing products that help lower a vehicle’s overall weight. This is your theme.

The case study becomes your download which requires users to fill out a simple registration form to acquire, while one-offs like Facebook posts, banner ads and other pieces can be created and positioned around the theme of “lowering vehicle weight.” If you happen to have multiple case studies available, you can even turn these into a bundle opportunity providing customers with an even greater range of information, like this. The key is making your theme the hero, and to implement enough supporting materials to drive traffic.

Sales Materials

Brochures, product catalogs, data sheets, whitepapers — they’re key assets for your sales team, and conveniently great assets for your digital marketing efforts. By allowing you to get specific about key features and benefits, you can turn these technical points into eye-catching digital offers.

How to use them:

In the digital landscape, sales materials can fall flat, whitepapers and data sheets in particular. That’s because most were designed originally for print and typically serve to give technical points which make for less than engaging reading. However, the product details are the focus, so let’s consider those.

Creating bundles, or comprehensive selections is one easy way to position these pieces, but add in some functionality and pop and you’ve got something. Just check out how we took this CAD whitepaper and leveraged it into something more. By pulling specific ideas and call-outs from their whitepaper, we turned what would be a simple and uninspired document into an engaging experience.


Delivered a lecture? Hosted a meet-up? Given a presentation on the latest trends in your industry? These are the types of things that can make a real impact on the digital scene, especially if your topic happens to be relevant in the current news cycle.

How to use them:

Being current in digital media is key. If you’re opinions or thinking on an industry stand out or highlight the future of a product or service, you’re going to get attention. Distilling it into a digital campaign is simply a matter of drawing out the key idea, and positioning it in an engaging way.

Say you’ve just given your annual assessment of market trends in the coming year, turning that powerpoint or series of lecture notes into an infographic is an easy and quick way to transform that information into more digital friendly content. Sika provides a great example of this. This type of information also makes for great email content since it can apply to a wide range of people if you’re talking about a whole industry.

It’s Time to Get Started

Now that you know what materials are useful when creating a digital campaign, it’s time to get one going. That’s where the friendly and professional team at PUSH 22 can help. With our expert designers, writers, and developers, we can not only create the look and feel of a campaign for you, but can get it online, too. Contact us, and we can get your campaign started today!

This post was written by C. Magin, PUSH 22 Copywriter.