We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – 2016 was a good year for us. We added a few new members to our team, produced a lot of great work for our clients, and we ate a lot of tacos… seriously. A lot of tacos. But another thing that we’re proud of are our recent AVA Digital Awards wins. The AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication. Read More »
If you work in marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase “responsive design” get thrown around a lot. And with good reason. As web users have splintered into an ever more diverse mix of devices and screen sizes, the need for “responsive” web experiences that can adapt to those many devices has moved to the top of many marketers’ lists. But what is “responsive web design”? Read More »
Have you ever taken a look at a list of Fortune 500 logos? If you have, you’ll have noticed that one color is dominant – blue. Traditional color psychology research tells us that in Western societies, blue is perceived as stable, safe and trustworthy. So it’s not surprising that many of the world’s largest companies went blue with their logos. Read More »
Advertising, like any industry, is built on the backs of its innovators and leading minds, and no names in the industry hold more reverence than David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach, and Leo Burnett. Their ideas have guided creative and account teams for decades and can tell you a lot about your own methods and approaches to advertising.    Read More »
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  • Posted: October 13, 2016