Day in the Life of an Intern

Posted: August 16, 2017

Topics: Culture, PUSH 22

9:45am: Walk in to the office, sit down at my desk, start up my laptop and wait for my daily task. Sometimes I get up to get coffee, if I didn’t bring it in with me. I listen to my favorite morning show “First Take” on ESPN while I look through emails or click through my upcoming senior year class schedule. I then make sure that any project orders or creative briefs need to be finished from the day before. Not a bad start to the morning at this point.


11:00am: Around this time, I ask the account team if they have any production orders or upcoming meetings with clients. If there is a client meeting, I would go at this time. If project orders need to be completed, then I go through the process of resizing images or put an ad into production for the creative team to handle.


12:30pm: Lunch, either warming it up or going to get something. There are numerous choices around the office that make the latter more appealing. When my lunch is acquired or warmed-up, I sit, eat and check social media. Some days social media consists of something funny or another political disaster. Some days, both funny and disaster can be the subjects of the same topics.


1:30pm: Lunch is done and I return to my desk to more PO’s or continuing tasks from earlier. This is the meat of my day and when I get the busiest work. If something does not end up on my desk by this time I find another colleague to provide me with a task. This can be anything from business leads to moving files on the server to brainstorming for another campaign. The afternoon can consist of a new campaign meeting that occupies the rest of my day.


3:30pm: This is the start to the end of my day. Unless another brand meeting or brainstorm is happening right now, I occasionally get to leave early. At this time, I could be finishing up an excel sheet or a new creative brief that was assigned earlier in my day.


5:00pm: The life of an intern is not always a breeze, but depending on the day of the week I can leave at five or get an early departure. I get into my car and turn on some tunes that make the tiring trek up Telegraph somewhat better. As I drive, I think about what my next day in at agency will hold.