A Day in the life of a Graphic Designer

Posted: August 9, 2017

Topics: Culture, PUSH 22

9:00am: Park. Even though I always pull up on time, it somehow usually takes an extra 10 minutes to get into the office from the parking lot. I blame taking the stairs. The elevator is scary.


9:10am: Walk into the office wearing my usual uniform: black on gray on black (it’s very important that you follow your personal brand). Shake up my iced matcha, dig into my mason jar overnight oats, and start checking emails.


10:30am: While making client edits on the web design I sent over last week, I have a visitor from the account team show up at my desk asking if I can join a meeting to help concept ideas for a new pitch. Sure!


12:00pm: Lunchtime. I brought in lunch and eat it at my desk while reading some news about the latest web design trends. Or maybe some rumors about the next big superhero flick. Or maybe watch a YouTube video of bouncy puppies. I always try to get out of the office for a bit after eating to stretch my legs and rest my eyes. Screen fatigue is real.



3:00pm: Decide now’s a good time for some production work. Some ads need to be cleaned up, resized, and prepped for print. It’s easy work, but someone’s got to do it, and it feels pretty good to check off a handful of items from my to-do list.  


5:30pm: Production work is all done so now I get to work on the fun stuff. I start comping up some of the ideas the team came up with this morning. Start with some sketches and wireframes. Maybe a color palette or two. Inspiration is in full swing and before I know it, I have an entire mobile app designed. Time to call it a day and head out for dinner at the new vegan restaurant and notice the impeccable typography on their menu (but keep it to myself, my friends have heard enough leading and kerning rants to last a lifetime).