A Day in the Life of an Account Executive: A Typical Monday at the Office

Posted: March 13, 2016

Topics: Careers

After two days off for the weekend, Mondays have a bad reputation.

8:30 am: I arrive at the office and start catching up on my emails before the team trickles in and we begin our weekly Monday morning status meeting. Once we’re ready to meet, everyone gathers in the conference room and we all get the opportunity to discuss upcoming projects, client feedback and more. This keeps our internal team up-to-date and aware of hot project items and big project deadlines.

10:00am: After the meeting, we all head back to our desks. I spend the next hour checking and answering emails. I contact clients by email or by phone to give them the status of their on-going projects. If new projects come in, I make a production order and send it to the creative team to get it on the schedule.

A production order outlines a new project in complete detail. It provides the location of all assets, including images, copy, specs, etc. If it is a larger project, a creative brief is in order, as well as scheduling a kick-off call with the client. Every day is a little different at the office depending on the quantity of work, but overall Mondays seem to fly by and before I know it, it’s lunch time.

12:00pm: Now, who doesn’t love lunch? This hour is a chance to leave the office, go for a walk or do whatever you need to refresh and get ready for the afternoon. I was always told that leaving for lunch is a healthy option and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes leaving for lunch isn’t even an option due to a busy workload and working through lunch is a must, but if there’s one piece of advice I can give it’s this – take a lunch hour when you can!

1:00pm: I am back to the grind. Answering all emails received during the lunch hour and following up on afternoon project deadlines. Replying to any emails I might have and returning calls in a timely manner. As an Account Executive, it’s crucial to have open communication and a good relationship with your clients.

I make my rounds with the creative team and check on current projects. If the creative team has any additional questions, I am most likely able to provide them with answers. If not, I get to work either researching past projects, connecting with the client, or doing whatever it takes to provide the team with whatever they need.

4:00pm: By late afternoon, I am able to send over multiple finished projects for my client to review. Deadlines have been hit and things are moving smoothly. If my client has feedback, it may take a day or two for us to talk about it, as our clients are just as busy as we are!

To make sure that everyone stays on track, feedback is incorporated and revisions are made in a timely manner, we use status sheets. The status sheet also helps if if I’m ever out of the office and a coworker is covering me, because they can see where each project stands and when key deliverables are due.

5:30pm: Around 5:30pm the day seems to dwindle down. Clients are heading home for the night and I am sending the last of my emails. To help me stay on top of things, I make a quick list of projects and where they are in the creative pipeline so that in the morning, I am able to pick up exactly where I left off.

I pack up my things and head out for the night. Tomorrow is Tuesday and a new day!

This post was written by A. Quinn, Account Executive at PUSH 22.