The Culture of an Ad Agency

Posted: November 10, 2015

Topics: Culture

Fun, exciting, fast-paced, deadlines, parties, beer, team-building.

In my experience, those are words that describe ad agencies and PUSH 22 is no different.

You work hard but you play hard. The ad agency atmosphere is completely different and more laid-back then any stuffy corporate environment but you work hard because you love the work. Presenting new pitches and creative campaigns is exciting and you thrive on that. Deadlines are everywhere and clients are demanding but it makes you produce better results.

Sometimes you work really long hours and sometimes deadlines seem unreasonable, but it's all part of the ad business. Everyone comes together and the job always gets done, clients are impressed and you win new accounts. It makes for a fun and exciting business.

Doing the same work day in and day out would be boring and isn't an 'ad employees' cup of tea.

At PUSH 22, we love all aspects of the ad world. Even with our small size, we still compete with much larger agencies. We are a close-knit group of people and take pride in what we produce. We are lucky to have really great clients who we love to work with. We are lucky to have great co-workers. We are lucky to be in a fun, unique and creative business. We love team-building, parties, BBQs and events. We love to push the envelope and we do it daily. It's a great place to be at and I'm glad to be here.


This blog post was written by C. Spahr, Account Executive at PUSH 22.