After INBOUND15: Why Storytelling Must Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Posted: October 5, 2015

Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy

Believe it or not, you’re a storyteller.

This is especially true if you’re a marketer utilizing content marketing for your client. You might be saying to yourself, “Wait… What do you mean? I create content for my clients but I wouldn’t categorize this content as ‘stories.’ I create blog posts, landing pages and emails.”

That mentality is common in this industry but I’m here to tell you that’s the wrong way of thinking.

You are a storyteller.

Okay wait; let me back up for a second. Last month, I went to INBOUND15 and if you’re not familiar, it’s HubSpot’s inbound conference. During this conference, I checked out a breakout session called, “Live to Tell the Tale: Leveraging Story to Define Your Brand and Craft Your Marketing Strategy” by Shawn Pfunder, Editor-in-Chief at Go Daddy. Shawn opened his presentation by explaining we’re made of stories. You are, I am, your grandma is.

Sure, we’re made up of skin, brain, hair, organs, muscles and so on but more than that, we’re our dreams, our nightmares and our passions. We make decisions based off of our past experiences, our beliefs and our opinions. So, why should our content be based off of anything different?

As content marketers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of just checking off boxes:
[x] Mentioned the client
[x] Added keywords for SEO
[x] Explained how to contact the client

But we need to take ourselves out of this ‘check mark’ thinking and into the minds of our target personas if we want to develop successful, lead generating content.

As a consumer, I don’t want to receive an email or read a blog post that’s devoid of a value proposition. I want to read a piece of content that speaks to me and provides the insight I’m looking for. I want to have a reason to subscribe to a company’s content. I want the writer to remember I’m a consumer making a conscious effort to view your content so make it worthwhile.

Write to attract me (aka your target persona) not to check off boxes.

Develop content that provides a new spin on the same information. Put yourself in the shoes of your target persons and ask yourself, “What would I want to know? How can this product/service/whatever help me?” and then create that content. See the world as a storyteller and act accordingly.


This post was written by K. Fodera, Digital Content Manager at PUSH 22.