After INBOUND15: The Importance of Client Relationships, SEO and Content Development

Posted: October 1, 2015

Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy

Last month at INBOUND15, I attended a variety of classes, which taught me so much about digital marketing and HubSpot.

I learned many different digital marketing techniques that will help promote brands, build preference and increase sales. HubSpot is a great software platform that helps perform these marketing techniques. By using the HubSpot platform one can easily attract visitors, convert leads and turn them into customers. Building a good, trusting, solid relationship with clients and/or customers is the key to any successful business.

One of the first classes I attended at Inbound15 was “How to Win New Business and Build Lasting Client Relationships.” Discovering the patterns of your clients involves studying their emails, observing the way they talk, how they write, their actions and always checking out their social media. See what type of social media platforms your client is on.

These are great ways to get to know and relate to your client. Focus on chemistry. You might be asking yourself, “Why is chemistry important?” Not only is chemistry important for the client, but for the agency as well. Distinguish role recognition early upon the start of any client relationship. By doing this, both sides of the relationship can possess a collaborative attitude and mutual respect for each other’s roles, allowing the day-to-day communication to run smoothly.

Develop a common goal and then strive to reach that goal by strategic planning and strong communication. Successful relationships can make the workday way more enjoyable. You may even be able to develop a long lasting friendship out of it. This could be wishful thinking, but it could happen. Go out there and give it a try!

Building client relationships is important, but it was also nice to learn about SEO, something I am not all that familiar with. What is SEO you ask? Good thing I sat through a class and took some great notes to share with you all. The SEO class I attended was “How To Use HubSpot to Win at SEO.”

SEO is very important for all websites. It is the process of improving a web pages visibility in organic search results. The key to great SEO is good content, and when I say good content, I mean content that matters. Always remember to strive to be number 1!

A website will not rank high on the SEO chart unless you are trying to be the number one spot. Always remember that content being created needs to be 10 times better than the current content. Looking for direction on producing good content?

Here are some techniques to follow:
- Every piece of content should answer a question
- Understand what each piece of content will take to rank top 10
- Make the content easily accessible from multiple devices
- Research your competition

These techniques will help you become the best content developer out there. Remember these four tips and you are bound to have some of the BEST content. Every class I attended related back to the importance of repurposing and creating content to gain the best Digital Marketing experience. Attending INBOUND15 helped me become more aware of best practices and the tools HubSpot has to offer. I am very grateful that I received the opportunity to attend INBOUND15 and can only hope I will be back again next year. See you in 2016 INBOUND!


This post was written by A. Quinn, Account Executive at PUSH 22.