007 Things James Bond Teaches Us About Being an Advertiser

Posted: October 22, 2015

Topics: Strategy, Culture

It might be a stretch to connect the unshakable British Spy to some weirdoes selling you dog chow and underpants, but the lessons are there.

Trust me. I’m a Spy Copywriter.

001. Don’t be just a hired gun

You’ve got more to offer than just paint by numbers. Ask questions before you shoot, then shoot, and ask more questions. But, more than that, be involved in every facet of the situation. Provide value. Get the job done, plus add in some cool explosions.

002. Stay cool

Bond rarely lets things get personal. It’s business. Just business. Don’t let your feelings, while reliable in certain creative situations, blur the finish line. Remain focused and let the bull slide right off your tailored suit. Or your jeans. Whatever works at the time.

003. Have some cool tricks up your sleeve

Know the technology of today, and tomorrow. Know how to use it, and be judicious in its application. The newer and shinier, the better, but never neglect a new spin on the ol’ trusty ejector seat. Having said that, it you have a jet pack, always bring the jet pack.

004. Be clever

If I need to explain this one, your personal franchise needs re-booting. Dye your hair.

005. Work with your team

Bond may appear the lone wolf, but is a master at attaining assistance from the most unlikely of allies, whether they know they’re helping out or not. Plus, his entire organization is predicated on him succeeding. Same goes for everyone in your building. Never forget that.

006. Know your enemy

No, not the client. They are your allies. (More on that here…) The enemy is the client’s problem. Now, it’s your problem. Know it better than anyone else, exploit the weaknesses and strengths, and draw it into the open.

007. Trust Your Instincts

They’ve gotten you this far, and it’s your confidence in your skills that will carry you forward. I’m sure, much like the spy game, advertising is a calling. Develop, learn, grow, but never forget who you are.

Bonus one

Drink the good stuff.

Also, check out this exiting trailer for Spectre, coming out soon.


This post was written by D. Sawmiller, Senior Copywriter at PUSH 22.