After INBOUND15: 4 Exciting Days of Inbound Marketing

Posted: September 24, 2015

Topics: Digital Marketing, Culture

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend 4 days at INBOUND15, HubSpot’s Inbound Conference, in the great city of Boston.

It was truly a memorable event. Being surrounded by people so passionate bout HubSpot made me an even bigger believer in the program than I already was.

The “HubSpotters” brought an unbelievable level of energy and excitement that lit up the entire convention center during the event. Running from class to class and learning about SEO, content development, marketing automation and best practices reminded me of the first day of college classes.

I was a wide-eyed freshman, eager to learn and really dig into what the hype was all about and I wasn’t disappointed. The amount of knowledge I gained was enormous.

One of the classes I attended featured two users speaking about how they had transformed their businesses with HubSpot. Listening to their stories of growing their businesses from the bottom up with HubSpot was as enlightening as it was encouraging. Both came from very unique industries and had their own best practices to share. “Engaging with customers, developing continuous content and always being ahead of your competitors are the three rules of accelerating your growth,” founder of Goodbye Crutches, Tom Schawb said. “Content is the fuel that powers the inbound engine.”

Use existing content to generate more content; how simple is that?

Now, I’m ready to take on the challenges of building unlimited amounts of content for my own clients.

On a personal note, my favorite part of INBOUND15 was not only getting to know the speakers, but getting to know the attendees as well. Everyone was so willing to share their success stories and I certainly enjoyed listening to their thoughts and perspectives on how they use HubSpot and what works best for them.

You can really learn a lot from the people around you!

I hope everyone enjoyed the conference as much as I did. I even left with some sweet HubSpot swag to bring back to the office and share with my co-workers. Now, as I sit in my cube back in the office, the only thought on my mind is, “Is it November 2016 yet?”


This post was written by A. Quinn, Account Executive at PUSH 22.