Internista: The Top 5 Industry Resources to Get You to the Top

Posted: July 10, 2015

Topics: Digital Marketing, Culture

Advertising is an industry shaped by trends, technology, and numbers. It is evolving everyday and it’s important to keep up with the changes, especially when trying to get a foot in the door.

As a student and an intern, I’ve relied on a number of resources to stay up to speed with industry standards. Today, I’m sharing my top five books and annuals to help other students like me make an impact.

Internista’s Advertising Recommendations

  1. Communication Arts

This advertising annual is a go-to for anyone involved in visual communications. Photography, illustration, typography, graphic design, advertising, and interactive design are only a few of the disciplines CA focuses on in each annual. They highlight some of the most talented Creatives in the business and inspire professionals to continue to push the possibilities of design. Students also benefit from CA by using each issue as inspiration for the next big idea or eye-catching design.

To learn more about Communication Arts or to subscribe, visit

  1. Lürzer's Archive

Lürzer's Archive is an extremely valuable annual, specifically targeted towards worldwide advertising. Lürzer's Archive focuses on top agencies, creative talent and work from all across the globe. This annual is a must have for students to see what the competition looks like and what top agencies around the world expect. Offering more than just a monthly annual, they provide resources on their website that allow users to see the rankings of top professionals, ads of the week, and even a page for student resources.

To learn more about Lürzer's Archive or to get your hands on a copy, visit

  1. How to Get Ideas by Jack Foster

Coming up with ideas can be a challenge, especially as someone who is new to the business of advertising. How to Get Ideas is a quick and easy read, packed with tons of great tips on how to get creative. It breaks down the creative process of formulating ideas in a fun and digestible way. It teaches you to think differently when coming up with ideas and how to tackle barriers along the way. Every student in a creative field should pick up a copy of this book. It is a creative game changer and a book you will find yourself re-reading throughout your career.

Whether you’re a student or a professional, pick up your copy and change the way you ideate.

  1. BREAKING IN: Over 130 Advertising Insiders Reveal How to Build a Portfolio That Will Get You Hired by William Burks Spencer

Starting off in advertising is not an easy task. You’re competing with a number of other talented Creatives who all have awesome portfolios. Now the question is, how do you set yourself apart? BREAKING IN offers advice and insight from top Creatives in the business and reveals what agencies look for in a portfolio, mistakes that students make, and how to land your dream job and keep it. This book is a great resource that can help any student looking to break into advertising.

Add this to your book list for fall classes and start building a killer portfolio.

  1. Pick Me : Breaking Into Advertising and Staying There by Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin

This is another must-have book if you’re a student trying to land an internship or a job. Pick Me is packed with industry related questions that are answered by industry professionals. There are also fourteen popular industry Creatives that share their own experience and insight. If you want to continue to expand your knowledge and experience in advertising, Pick Me is another great resource.

Build your brand, build your portfolio, and build your confidence with the tips and tricks from Pick Me.

This list of books and annuals is only the tip of the iceberg. The resources for broadening your knowledge on the industry are endless. Get out there, start building that portfolio, experiment with new things, challenge yourself, and go land that dream job.