Meet Amanda: New Experiences and Twitter Takeovers

Posted: June 29, 2015

Topics: Digital Marketing, Culture

Name: Amanda Johnson
School: Michigan State University
Desired Degree: Marketing

Helloooo world!

My name is Amanda. I’m a 20 year-old student and Michigan State University where I’m studying Marketing/General Business Management. When I’m not in East Lansing, you can expect to find me in my hometown of Rochester, MI. But this summer is different from all the rest, this is the summer I begin my very first internship at PUSH 22. *Cue trumpets*

Being your average college student in their first hands-on office setting experience, you can imagine that I am more than excited to start gaining insight in this field. While, as an intern, there are limitations to how in-depth I can actually get into certain projects, I still get my hands on just about everything that goes on around the agency. For me, this is my absolute favorite aspect of working here so far. I hear and see all of the things that go on behind the scenes, as well as when the actually is unfolding out in the real world! It’s almost as if I’m the “fly on the wall” at PUSH 22.

The best part of gaining all of this inside access is that I’m getting the green light to share it with you! Once a week, I will be doing a complete takeover of PUSH 22’s Twitter account.

For the next few weeks, every Wednesday from 10am until 12pm, I’ll be tweeting from @PushTwentyTwo to give you my insight into the industry trends and what’s “hot” right now, along with EXCLUSIVE PUSH 22 news and updates!

I’m more than excited to gain knowledge myself but share with others all that this learning experience has to offer. Stay tuned!

- Amanda