Internista: 10 Things You'll Find in a Digital Advertising Agency

Posted: June 18, 2015

Topics: Culture

Before I ever stepped into an advertising agency, I thought all of them would be similar to the one in Madmen. Sure, there are some similarities but a lot of things surprised me.

If you're thinking about going into the ad industry or if you'll be looking for an internship soon, here's what you should expect:

1.) Coffee
There will never be a shortage of K Cups. Ever.

2.) A fully stocked bar
You never know when you will have to entertain clients or need some inspiration.

3.) X-acto blades
If you cut your finger open, clean up after yourself.

4.) Pool table, ping-pong table, or foosball table
Similar to the fully stocked bar, you never know when you may need to get the creative juices flowing.

5.) Crazy drawings or photos
This is a creative place, people, not your typical office space. Sketches, photographs and designs cover the walls and white boards.

6.) Headphones
Sometimes you need to tune everyone out, especially when a deadline is approaching.

7.) Treats and lots of them
Cookies, candy, ice cream, chips and other assorted foods that increase the risk of a heart attack are always within reach.

8.) Routing slips
These little sheets of paper are what moves work through an agency. If you don't attach one to your work, consider yourself a dead man.

9.) Odd decor
Once again, a creative person equals a creative space.

10.) Dishes, mugs and silverware at everyone's desk
Lunch is the most coveted hour of the day. Sometimes you're lucky enough to enjoy it but other days, you're dining at your desk.

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