Finding Creativity in B2B Marketing

Posted: June 4, 2015

Topics: Strategy

White papers, tech guides, complex websites laden with jargon and references that can only be understood with the right degree and 30+ years of experience — any well-traveled advertiser would instantly recognize the hallmarks of a B2B marketing campaign.

They probably also understand the necessity of these elements.

B2B audiences aren’t generally looking for impulse buys — they’re making a decision that could potentially make or break their company – which means “clever” marketing with very little substance behind it just doesn’t get results.

B2B marketing, by its very nature, requires a one-two punch – a creative lead that’s quickly followed up with hard-hitting facts and proven results.

It’s a powerful combination that, when done right, can turn standard B2B content into devastatingly effective marketing.

Compiled below are some great examples of how to take a B2B message and turn it into compelling marketing that is smart, meaningful and (most importantly) sells.


Running a repair business can be a bumpy ride. Transtar, a global leader in transmission and drivetrain-related solutions, explains how they can make it a much smoother one.

Here, an interesting metaphor is aided by awesome photography and clear copy.





















Looking at sprawling tables of data can be cumbersome and intimidating. iDashboards data visualization programming makes it less so.

Taking an otherwise stuffy subject, data visualization is brought to life and given personality through playful dots and animal imagery in this engaging video.

Night Dragon

Covisint provides a solution service to companies; protecting their data against unwanted intrusions. After the infamous “Night Dragon” cyber-attacks, Covisint prompted customers to stop relying on luck to keep their networks safe.



From wild business rides to preventing dragon attacks, all the following works provide examples of how to craft a strong creative message without losing any of the “hard” selling punch. It’s proof that no matter the business, there’s a story in everything. You just have to know where to look.