Do You Need a Digital Agency?

Posted: May 5, 2015

Topics: Digital Marketing

Why do so many advertising and marketing companies position themselves as digital agencies?

Does a “digital agency” only focus on providing digital capabilities, such as online or web, or do they also offer print, television, and radio services?

Now, there’s a good chance that a “digital agency” offers more than just online marketing, so it’s important not to get hung up on an overused industry buzzword when looking for an agency for your needs.

Let’s discuss why “digital” is such a buzzword and what it may, or may not, imply.

Using “digital” to describe an agency or its capabilities primarily denotes experience and/or expertise in some type of online media. This can include web development, SEO, banner advertising, email marketing, social media, etc.

With so much emphasis and focus on online media and the ability to see immediate results, companies are flocking to agencies that offer this type of service. They feel that they can better justify spending money on advertising if they can measure and see real results.

So with that said, what type of agency should you look for to help you and your company reach your business goals?

Perhaps the answer isn’t as simple as digital vs. traditional but rather there are other considerations to take into account:

A good marketing strategy goes beyond just being online.
An agency should provide a solid strategy that includes strong branding, targeted messaging, and distinctive positioning. A lot of this can be accomplished online, but there are other mediums to consider as well. It’s important not to discard any type of media until you have done all of the homework and research required.

More than likely, your target audience can be reached through a variety of mediums that they interact with on a daily basis; from the TV they watch in the morning to the radio they listen to on their way to work, or the webpages they visit on their phone and desktop. The list of touch points can go on and on when you begin to dive into targeting your preferred consumer. With that said, consider an integrated campaign that uses online distinctively as part of the overall mix. If you only concentrate on one vertical of advertising, you’re missing out on opportunities.

Choose an agency that’s right for your business.

When looking for an agency to work with, look for one that understands your company, its products and services, and is also willing to dig deep to understand what is the best way possible to reach your potential customers.

This agency should consider all media options and should also have the expertise and experience to execute accordingly. Now, you may find that their recommendations are overwhelmingly digital, but at least you know all options have been considered and this is the best approach to follow for you specifically.

If you’re unsure or confused about their recommendations, don’t be afraid to ask questions and gain insight into why the agency is recommending what they are. To ensure a successful partnership, it’s important to understand how everyone is working together to achieve the same goals.

Choosing the right agency to help you achieve your objectives is crucial.
Don’t settle when it comes to the success of your business.