Three must-see (and one maybe-see) creative documentaries

Looking for something to watch this weekend? Here’s four documentaries you might want to check out about art, design, advertising and the revolutionary impact they’ve made on our lives.


Few things are ubiquitous in life as the typeface Helvetica because it’s everywhere. From street signs to magazines to match books – everywhere you see the printed word, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find Helvetica. Worth a watch.


Objectified is about industrial design and the impact it’s had on consumer culture. Interesting but this one dragged on just a little bit.

Art & Copy

If you’re a) a fan of Mad Men or b) someone who works in advertising and want a sense of what the past was really like, Art & Copy is worth a watch. Featuring interviews with “legends” like George Lois, Lee Clow and others, it really gives you sense of the energy that helped define the “golden era” of Madison Avenue. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves ad culture.


What happens when the economy collapses and you get laid off from your highly paid advertising gig? Lemonade answers the question in a nicely paced 45-minute documentary. A good watch and a gentle reminder that losing a job really isn’t the end of the world.

Rob Wilkie is the creative director at PUSH 22, an integrated marketing and communications agency supporting leading and emerging companies.