So your brand is on social media…Now what?

Posted: June 26, 2013

Topics: Digital Marketing

The folks at Mashable posted a Q & A shout-out to the (clueless) consumer brands that fancy themselves social media savvy, but just can’t seem to connect with their audience. Here are the key takeaways (from our perspective) and some guidance for consideration.logogroup

Offer your audience a service.

Don’t just use social media, or the internet for that matter, to promote yourself. Think about your customer. Your audience. Think about what they want to see and the services that they would like your brand to offer. Offering a service isn’t just about the tangible; the most successful brands offer thoughts, ideas, information about relevant industry trends, and even giveaways.

It’s all about your message.

Whether you offer a service, entertaining video content, or even shameless self-promotion, your message tops the scale of importance. Even if your brand is young, hip and has a rap star spokesperson, you can’t deviate from appropriate topics even if you think that your audience will “get the joke”. It’s important to push the boundaries without offending. It’s a fine line.

Learn the lingo.

If your brand is popular amongst most age groups, including the most tech savvy, we recommend that you take the time to get to know audience needs. Learn the correct tech and social media terms and the importance of things like #hashtags. And don’t ever refer to Facebook as MacFacebook, or an important age group for your brand as “youngsters."

Post at your own risk.

If your brand is going to be active on social media, be prepared for negative posts or tough feedback, even if your customers are the ones posting the critical content. Because it's always better to be proactive, prepare yourself with a reactive social media plan. Think about everything that could happen to your brand, make an outline and draft messages to use if an unpleasant situation ever arises. Or better yet, hire a great agency and let them do it.

Corinne Petras is PUSH 22's director of PR and social strategy. She integrates with PUSH 22's clients to create lasting, meaningful media and public relationships.