Stonyfield Yogurt and the challenges of customer loyalty programs

Posted: April 2, 2013

Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy

When Stonyfield Yogurt began its loyalty program in 2009, they did not anticipate it would have received such a large response. According to, due to the high response rate and Stonyfield's inability to keep up with customer demand, starting this month the company has decided to end the program. The company noted that it wanted to ensure members felt truly rewarded and they did not feel that they could accomplish this with their small internal staff.

In the program’s place, Stonyfield will continue to offer promotional offers via Facebook and other digital media, to ensure that members are not left without any rewards.

It’s admirable when companies like Stonyfield make concessions; potentially putting their public profile in jeopardy by putting themselves in the hot seat. We all know PR 101 says that it’s better to tell your own bad news than have someone else tell it for you. Obviously, that’s easier said than done. But when done right, the customer, the media, and industry peers tend to be much more forgiving of proactive corporations. As opposed to those that choose to stay mum until the news is discovered. And it’s always discovered.

Bravo to Stonyfield for doing right by their customers. Honesty always prevails in the game of brand loyalty.

Melissa Milostan is an account executive at PUSH 22. She works directly with our clients and keeps projects on task.