What do traffic, tape and a spreadsheet have in common?

Posted: March 1, 2013

Topics: Culture

A telephone call, an email, a co-worker asking you a question, a new project being delivered to you to work on or review or even the mailman can all take us away from a task we are trying to complete. We all get distracted, that’s normal and at PUSH 22, that’s where I come in handy. My icon is a tape dispenser with the tag line stick to it.

A big part of my job is to keep everyone on track and make sure they stick to it and get the task at hand done on time and move on to the next project. Although I’m not literally running around handing out pieces of tape, my good intentioned reminder of when a project is due or requested status update serves its purpose well. Although I know some of our staff could do without me ever coming to their desk or office door again, I do believe that at least sometimes they have been thankful for my little reminders to stick to it.

Sarah Guzzardo is PUSH 22's traffic and production coordinator. She single handedly keeps the team on track and projects on time.