Tweeting to buy with #Amex

Posted: March 27, 2013

Topics: Strategy

Have you seen the Twitter/American Express news? Most of us have Tweeted purchases: a new pair of shoes, the newest toy for our kids, or the latest tech gadget, but have you ever thought about making your purchases via Twitter?

If you have, you’re in luck., but in case you haven’t heard, Twitter and American Express have partnered up to allow cardholders to purchase items by simply including a hashtag in their tweets. So, when a user sees an item they want to purchase, they simply tweet the hashtag and voila, it’s paid for and on its way to the purchaser! Although this is a huge step for Twitter, the move has the potential to significantly alter how social media is consumed and experienced. A lot of people view Twitter as relatively simple compared to Facebook, but with this recent development, the bar has been raised and enhances Twitter to a whole new level.

The convenience is quite exciting, but to be honest, we’re a little concerned for our pocketbooks…

Marisa Salvaggio is an account executive at PUSH 22. She works directly with our clients and ensures every project is organized and well communicated.