What do a penguin and a bee have in common? They both work at PUSH 22.

Posted: January 21, 2013

Topics: Culture

Chill Out

As an associate creative director, I'm faced with many decisions, deadlines, stressful situations and personalities every day. How I react to those moments affect not only my own well-being, but can contribute positively or negatively to those around me. I choose to chill out and stay calm instead of letting a situation get the best of me. I'm sure it has a lot to do with a God-given personality that I can't change, but I'd also like to think that I'm able to control my own little universe for the best of everybody in the agency. Sure, I can be direct and change tones when needed – that’s part of my job after all – but finding the right balance helps keep me centered.

So the next time a crisis needs attention, don't freak – chill out. It's quite rewarding and would suggest everybody give it a try.

Todd Malhoit is PUSH 22's associate creative director. He supervises our designers and art directors, and ensures that our clients receive great creative that is on message.

Get Busy

When an agency like ours really gets buzzing, it can get pretty hectic. Deadlines come fast and furious and if you don’t Get Busy, things simply won’t get done. Just as bees are often busy making their honey and tending to their nests, I am often busy running around to ensure that our clients’ expectations are met in a timely manner – chasing down information, following up on questions and generally staying organized and updated with everything that’s going on. It isn’t always easy (Monday mornings are tough!), but knowing you’ve given your best for the cause, every day, is a pretty sweet feeling.

As a side note, in Greek mythology, Melissa means 'Honey Bee' and no matter where a honey bee travels, they always come back home to where they belong.

Melissa Milostan is an account executive at PUSH 22. She works directly with our clients and keeps projects on task.