The $750,000 cookie (and why you don't want to know what it tastes like)

Posted: January 15, 2013

Topics: Technology

EU Cookie Laws: Tough to Swallow

If you’ve been using the Internet for any length of time, you probably have some idea of what a “cookie” is. But if you’re like most people in North America, you probably had no idea that the EU has introduced privacy regulations which require websites owned by EU-based companies to explicitly notify and gain permission from their users whenever cookies are used to track them.

HubSpot has a great article that summarizes the new law.

If your organization has a website, chances are you’re using cookies (Google Analytics and other analytics packages that track your site users all use cookies), so what does it mean to you?

If you’re responsible for a website which specifically represents your European operations (including translated versions of your site in German or French), take notice. Although there’s likely to be lots of grey areas and the governing bodies aren’t likely to aggressively enforce the rules (at least initially), potential penalties of up to USD $750,000 for non-compliance make it worth some consideration.

PUSH 22 is advising clients with European operations to address the new rules. For most websites (especially those built on a CMS platform like Wordpress), compliance is an easy and inexpensive process – and a whole lot easier to swallow than an unexpected $750,000 fine.

If you have questions about the new law, would like to discuss your options for compliance or know a killer chunky chocolate chip recipe, let us know.

Rob Wilkie is the creative director at PUSH 22, an integrated marketing and communications agency supporting leading and emerging companies.