Introducing the new PUSH 22

Posted: December 3, 2012

Topics: Strategy, Culture

Has it really been a million years or does it just feel that way?

Almost one million years ago (or eight years to be precise) the pushtwentytwo brand was born. We created it. We loved it. We lived with it. Fast forward to December 2012 and we’re proud to introduce you to the new PUSH 22. What's changed? Well, our name, for one thing.

pushtwentytwo is now PUSH 22.

"But that’s the same name," you're thinking. Not so. The new PUSH 22 is a lot shorter and way faster to type. It's leaner, more efficient and easier to work with. It also translates easier into other languages (we have a lot of global clients) and, best of all, it fits nicely inside the big blue button.

And that's the second change – our logo and visual identity.

Our new logo is comprised of two parts: PUSH and "the button." We think it's very nice looking but it's much more than that. Our new logo is our internal reminder that we need to continually find ways to make working with our company easier and more rewarding for our clients.

We'll spare you the well-intentioned creative stuff about the new identity being "bold" and "playful" and just say that we all agree our new visual identity "feels right." We've come a long way since 2004 and we felt it was time for an identity that reflected who we are today. One that reflects where we're headed as well as all of the unique and wonderful places we've been.

What hasn't changed?

Our approach to what we do hasn't changed. Move forward thinking is alive and well at PUSH 22 and we're as committed as ever to helping our clients PUSH their businesses forward with smart, creative solutions to their marketing and business challenges.

So watch for our new brand system over the next few months, check out our redesigned website and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

All the best!
The PUSH 22 team