22 Piece Nugget: A Tornado Hits Downtown Pontiac…

Posted: September 5, 2012

Topics: Culture

Last week, the push team saw its backyard completely transform... into a movie set!

A local production company has been filming a few scenes in downtown Pontiac for a new movie called “Black Sky.” The store fronts on North Saginaw Street have been given new facades to create the town of Silverton, Oklahoma. Banners have been hung from the lamp posts on the street to advertise the fictional town’s upcoming rodeo. The streets have also been lined with massive fans to create the high winds of the tornado and storm that hits the town.

As I explored the new BBQ joint, the fake wedding shop, and even temporary street signs, I’ve been amazed by the amount of detail that goes into creating a set that is used for only a few scenes. I had never walked down that part of North Saginaw Street prior to the building of the set, so as I adventured with Erica, a graphic designer at push, I found myself asking her what parts were real and recreated.

As it turns out, not all parts were recreated. The WKC letters were left untouched on the top of the WKC building. This building and the WKC letters can also be seen in the trailer for the upcoming movie Red Dawn, which also has scenes filmed in Pontiac and will be coming out later this year.

Overall, it has been interesting to see the transformation over the past week.

However, not everything has gone our way.First, Erica and I were not chosen to be extras in the film despite the fabulous headshots we submitted via email. Second, the site manager informed us that we are not allowed to post any photos of the set on this blog until the movie is released — so I’ve used my superior artistic ability to draw a picture of it for you. And lastly, we haven’t spotted any celebrities…YET! One girl in the push office, who shall remain anonymous, is most looking forward to seeing Jeremy Sumpter, who is appearing in the movie.

When I began this internship, I imagined I’d get to see some smaller scale video shoots for our clients, however, I never expected to be on the set of a major motion picture. One thing that I have seen on both sets is the attention to detail that goes into producing either a short video, or an entire movie. All the details make a difference.

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