22 Piece Nugget: Taking my own advice…

Posted: August 24, 2012

Topics: Culture

In my last Nugget, I talked about the importance of following up, often with a different type of communication. This past week, I had to utilize this lesson several times.

I’ve been assisting on some PR for Champion Homes and their House United Project. It’s a great project that will give a deserving military family a new home at no cost. As part of the effort, we developed a pitch and a list of media contacts in the North Carolina area (where the project is taking place). After reaching out via email and only receiving one response, I knew I had to follow up with a call the following morning.

I. was. dreading. it.

I rarely talk to my friends and family on the phone, so calling people I don’t know is daunting. This is something I can imagine is typical of people my age — who depend on texting and emails as the primary mode of communication.

After writing out a 15 second script for myself to reference during the calls, I sucked it up and dialed the number. The majority of the calls went to voicemail — so I didn’t need the script, but having it there as a security blanket was reassuring and helpful when leaving a message. Thankfully, by calling the reporters and newsrooms directly, by the end of the day I was able to get into contact with people who were interested in pursuing the story.

No one laughed or swore at me. Even though your mom may have told you not to “talk to strangers,” calling them is okay, and really not that bad.

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