22 Piece Nugget: The Big Three

Posted: July 13, 2012

Topics: Culture

Since beginning my internship at push earlier this summer, there are three experiences that I am thankful for:

1. Learning about online advertising: Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting about online advertising opportunities for one of push’s newest clients. I had never been exposed to how online advertising worked, so I jumped at the chance to sit in when I saw the meeting on the daily schedule. I learned that online advertising can be extremely useful because it allows you to target a specific audience, whether this is based on geography, demographics, or even online behavior. This seems particularly important today as more and more people are using the internet as their primary source of, well, everything.

2. Writing this Blog: Working on entries for this blog is an ongoing process and has been a series of mini-lessons in itself. (Huge thanks to Corinne for having the confidence in me!) Overall, it has allowed me to practice and fine-tune my writing skills for the public eye. The peer review process in my college courses was a dreaded, anxiety-filled day. Call me shy? Not only am I becoming a more confident writer, but I am building a public portfolio of writing samples for the future.

3. Tiger’s Game: During my second week of work the entire office went downtown for a Tigers game (via party bus!). Since


I was new to the office, getting to know the push team in a social setting helped me become more comfortable working with them in an office setting. Sometimes what happens outside of the office is just as important. Check out how good we look outside the stadium – credit to Marisa’s Instagraming skills. No credit to me for the farmer’s tan I got that day.

I’m Liz, but my friends call me Nugget … Don’t ask. I’m 22 years old and spending my summer interning at an advertising agency called PUSH 22. Each week I’ll be dipping into the different aspects of agency life and serving up supersized chunks of insight about my experience at push, things I’ve learned about the advertising industry and much more.

The PUSH 22 team at a Tigers game