From the Desk of the Intern

Posted: June 22, 2012

Topics: Culture

Whenever I told someone I was studying political science and psychology at the push intern, Elizabeth GunnellUniversity of Michigan, I was greeted with one assumption — “Oh, so you’re going to law school?”

Three years ago that was the plan. However, through my internship experiences I’ve learned that there are other career options that I may enjoy and I've used internships to explore a variety of careers outside of law.

And I've tried a variety — from state-level politics, working with a historian on her biography of James Madison, to teaching low-income middle school students to … PUSH 22.

Mike and Dave (aka "the partners") warned me that my internship position wouldn’t be too structured; the position would be what I made out of it. This worried me. At my last two jobs, I had been one of 40+ interns. However, the flexibility of the position has turned into a blessing.

While my main role at PUSH 22 is to support the account team, I've had a chance to see how all areas of an agency function. Starting by the side of the production coordinator (Sarah), I am learning the business and all of its processes from the back-end and observing how she keeps projects flowing between the creative and account team. Working with Sarah is aiding me in gaining an understanding of how a project makes it from the beginning to the end.

Outside of the account team, I am also working with Jason and Corinne. Jason, the all-things-computers-guy, let me help him on an email marketing project for one of our clients. I appreciate this because it gave me the opportunity to learn to use email marketing tools and to see how a campaign is managed. Corinne, the PR girl, has helped me by urging me to further develop my writing skills — particularly for the public eye, working on press releases and even this blog.

So far, the flexibility of my internship position is providing me with a unique chance to get a variety of experiences under one roof! I appreciate when people here take the time to explain what they are doing, how they are doing it, and most importantly, why. I’ve already learned a tremendous amount from the people here and am looking forward to whatever else my summer at push will bring.

Elizabeth Gunnell is a recent college graduate and currently an account intern at PUSH 22. When she’s not cheering on the wolverines, she is either trying new fitness classes or living vicariously through 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon.