22 Piece Nugget: A Blog is Born

Posted: June 29, 2012

Topics: Culture

Find a name and create a logo for my new blog. Seems like an easy enough task, right? Turns out coming up with something out of nothing, is much more difficult than I had imagined.

First, I met with Jesse, a copywriter who works here at push, to throw around some ideas for the blog’s name. We started by talking about the purpose of my blog entries – to give an inside look at agency life and operations from a newbie perspective. Next we tried word associations, and when that yielded nothing interesting he told me to start flipping through some work books of photos he had on his desk. Apparently these are often used to help generate ideas when you don’t know where to begin – they help to get your gears turning.

The brainstorming was difficult for me. I hadn’t worked with Jesse directly before and was slightly nervous. Since I am typically my own worst critic, I was hesitant to share many of my ideas. I eventually warmed up to him after realizing he was just as weird and goofy as me, if not more so – he is Canadian after all. Know what I’m talking aboooooot?

After joking around with him a bit, he said, “The word nugget is hilarious – I wish we could incorporate it somehow.” He was in luck. My friends call me nugget all the time.

From there, I took some time to think of ways we could use the nickname in the title and laughed out loud to the Urban Dictionary definitions of nugget. After coming up with several options, Jesse and I narrowed our options down to nuglife, Nugget of Truth, and 22 Piece Nugget.

As you can see, I decided to go with the latter. Why? Mostly because it makes me laugh (as does the updated bio below), but also because I recently turned 22 and our agency is 22 as well.

So step one is over – we have a name. Now it’s time to work out a logo with the creative team. The process may be taking longer than expected, but I’m gaining an understanding of our client’s needs through the process. Just as I want to be sure the blog accurately portrays me in all aspects, our clients want the same for their brand, down to every last detail, which I see the push team working to do for them every day.

Updated Bio:

I’m Liz, but my friends call me Nugget … Don’t ask. I’m 22 years old and spending my summer interning at an advertising agency called PUSH 22. Each week I’ll be dipping into the different aspects of agency life and serving up supersized chunks of insight about my experience at push, things I’ve learned about the advertising industry and much more.