Strategery 101: What to Post, When and How Often

Posted: November 2, 2011

Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy

Strategy. Strategic. Strategery. Definition: A: a careful plan or method: a clever stratagem, or B: the art of devising or employing plans or stratagems toward a goal.

Okay we admit, strategery isn’t really a word, but it is commonly used amongst marketers when figuring out how to be smart and make the best decisions when it comes to promoting their clients' businesses. These days one of the largest pieces of the marketing pie is social media – it’s also one of the newest aspects of the profession with constantly evolving best-practices.

A question we commonly hear when discussing social media planning is timing – when to post messages, how often and how to know if your target audience is seeing them – particularly when it involves Facebook. There’s no single strategy that will work for every organization, but there are a few ideas that you can take into consideration when figuring out what works best for you.

  • There’s a method to posting messages – success is more calculated than you think.
  • Try posting all sorts of content at different times through the day – questions, photos, polls, etc. See where you get the most impressions.
  • Understand the basics of Facebook’s algorithm. Check out EdgeRank for some tips.
  • Take advantage of free monitoring and analytics tools such as Facebook’s built in analytics tool.
  • Play! Experiment! Try new things! It’s the only way you’ll find what works for your organization.

For more advice on Facebook planning strategies, check out a Mashable post by analytics expert, Jeff Widman, which sheds some light on this commonly puzzling aspect of social media planning.

Corinne Petras is the public relations director at PUSH 22, an integrated marketing and communications agency supporting leading and emerging companies.