Posted: January 3, 2011

Topics: News

Building a strong bone health brand

push offered relevant suggestions for every aspect of the program, not just the marketing.

Jim Crean,
Manager of Orthopedics,
POH McLaren Regional
Medical Center

As the US population ages, osteoporosis has become a growing health concern but comprehensive prevention and treatment programs – ones that bring together patients, their physicians and treatment providers – are still relatively rare. POH McLaren Regional Medical Center recognized an opportunity and approached PUSH 22 to help them develop a program for this untapped market space.

push began by developing a name, tagline and key branding elements to help sell the concept to POH’s management team. With management on-board, the agency began working with the newly assembled “Breakfree” team to develop the creative and tools they’d need to properly document and rollout the program. push also developed a variety of POS and marketing materials that the Breakfree team could use to start promoting the new program to patients, primary care physicians and extended care facilities.

So far the program has been a tremendous success, with a 50% month-over-month increase (for the first three months) in fracture patients through the Breakfree program. With potential plans to roll out the program at other McLaren facilities already in motion, POH’s Breakfree initiative is moving from strength to strength.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand / Identity Development
  • Creative Development
  • Signage / Environmental Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Point of Care Materials
  • Internal Communications