"Keep on at it"

Posted: August 18, 2010

Topics: Digital Marketing

The world’s oldest Twitter user passed away recently at the age of 104. Ivy Bean started out on Facebook at the age of 102, but moved to Twitter so she could have more followers. She must have been doing something right, tweeting about what she did each day in the care home where she lived, because in those two short years, she had accumulated over 57,000 followers.
And for a statistic to make every teenager envious; she had 25,000 pending Facebook requests.
What was it that made her a social media success? Was it her affable nature or her sense of humor? Perhaps. But maybe, what most made her Twitter experience so rewarding was the fact that even at 104 she had a “Keep on at it” attitude. And I mean at EVERYTHING; Facebook, Twitter, her care home’s Over-75 Olympics where she won a gold medal in the Frisbee throwing category last year(!)

It’s one of those life lessons you learn when you’re in kindergarten that carries you through every event of your life. And it’s true for the business of marketing and social media, too…Keep on at it.
Rest in peace, Ivy Bean.

When we grow up, we want to be just like you… starting now.

Link: http://bit.ly/dnq8QB