Content is still king

Posted: June 28, 2010

Topics: Digital Marketing

Digital media, social media, online marketing, websites, emails, blogs, Twitter, forums, Facebook. One thing that is constant in all of these is content.

So many people worry about scene or heard online but do not give any thought to what they want to say or present. Before anything is decided; it is important to come up with a strategy, then define what you want to communicate, then determine the delivery mechanism, then the follow up. The easy part is jumping into social media, the hard part is making it work.

This is where content is king.

No only is it important in communicating a clear message, but in also using it to convey a position or differentiation. It is key to driving a targeted audience to a belief or action. All content should lead to a position or to an actionable item. So yes, online is the wave of the future but the written word is still critical to success.