Why is branding still so important?

Posted: April 14, 2009

Topics: Strategy

I can only answer that question with a question, when was the last time you bought something with no name or identification on it?

Of course branding is still important.

People still associate certain emotions, feelings and thoughts when they hear a particular name or see an ad or view a logo. In today’s world of millions of messages being put in front of you on your cell phone, in the newspapers, on the web, on TV, on a daily basis; it does make one wonder what is so important with branding.

Most people would say to cut through the clutter. I would say it is some of that but more. To differentiate. To make yourself known. To offer solutions. To connect with prospects. To make people aware of the benefits of your product or service you offer.

As an ad agency, we are constantly asked how to do this and is it necessary. Yes we do this and yes it is necessary. Whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market, expanding your market reach, changing the name of your company, expanding your services, merging companies or just have something new to say to your intended audience, branding is key to positioning and communicating this information. Keep on Branding.