Aside from inspiring Mattel's new Ken doll, Garth Oliver works hard as a web developer here at PUSH 22. Here's a peek into what a typical day for him is like.   9:00 am: I enter the office, feeling defeated by various callous drivers I’ve experienced on my journey here. Nevertheless, I shake it off and grab something to drink, usually some green tea or decaf coffee. “Why decaf coffee?” you’re probably asking along with the rest of the world. Me and gratuitous amounts of caffeine don’t work well together, I’ll leave it at that… Read More »
9:45am: Walk in to the office, sit down at my desk, start up my laptop and wait for my daily task. Sometimes I get up to get coffee, if I didn’t bring it in with me. I listen to my favorite morning show “First Take” on ESPN while I look through emails or click through my upcoming senior year class schedule. I then make sure that any project orders or creative briefs need to be finished from the day before. Not a bad start to the morning at this point. Read More »