Be Heard. As a former collegiate and professional cheerleader, I'm used to making a lot of noise and getting people's attention. Hearing our clients' needs, supporting the ideas and promoting our clients' brands is my job as an Account Executive. With the help of our team at PUSH 22, we'll lift up your brand, shout your message and get everyone looking your way. Even if it means screaming through my megaphone to round up our internal teams, I'll be your partner; always there to support you through the process. I want your company to Be Heard! Read More »
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  • Posted: May 29, 2013
Isn't it interesting how certain words change meaning over the course of their lifetime? A good example is a particular word that we use constantly in the advertising industry: brand or branding. Read More »
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  • Posted: March 8, 2013
A telephone call, an email, a co-worker asking you a question, a new project being delivered to you to work on or review or even the mailman can all take us away from a task we are trying to complete. We all get distracted, that’s normal and at PUSH 22, that’s where I come in handy. My icon is a tape dispenser with the tag line stick to it. Read More »
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  • Posted: March 1, 2013
To me, as a copywriter here at PUSH 22, the phrase “deal with it,” is the most simplistic and distilled expression of what my job entitles and the attitude I try to bring to everything I work on. As a professional schizophrenic, it’s my job to wear many masks and take on many different points of view in my writing and creative thinking. One day I may be creating campaigns for middle-aged women suffering from heart disease or joint problems and in need of a cutting-edge medical facility. The next, I may be required to think like a young man in his 20s who has a passion for automobiles, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and may be in need of a new set of premium pre-assembled struts. What I bring to the team at PUSH 22 is the ability to passionately immerse myself into any project, any brand, or any campaign – regardless of the subject matter and just deal with it. Read More »
By now you’ve seen our new brand ID and you’ve probably wondered, “What’s up with all of those really cool icons?” Well, we’re going to explain; actually each team member is going to explain why they chose their icon, and what it means to them. Some explanations will be serious, some will be entertaining, but overall we guarantee that you will get to know and love each of us a little more. Aim Higher. It’s all about expectations. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a creative director, it’s that expectations are everything. Set them too low and you’ll crash and burn shortly after takeoff. Fail to provide clear ones and you’ll remain rooted to the launch pad. But when you provide expectations that give your team a clear understanding of their responsibilities while forcing them to stretch a little – ones that leverage strengths while requiring your team to get uncomfortable with what they know – they’re much, much more likely to deliver the goods. I ask my team to aim a little higher at the outset of every project these days. Dave Sarris (a partner at PUSH 22) refers to it as “the speed of the generals.” Either way, it’s essential to success – in life and at the agency. Rob Wilkie is the creative director at PUSH 22 and spends most of his days doing those things that creative directors do.   Enjoy the Ride. Professionally speaking, quite simply, if I and my colleagues in client service are doing our jobs, you should be enjoying the ride. That is, we're making your marketing efforts and the energies involved, a smooth trip. Let's face it, marketing, advertising (and even life in general) can be unpredictable, but with the proper organization and perspective, even the most chaotic of circumstances can be tamed. This icon also represents one of my passions in life – horseback riding! Tiffany Sherwood is an account supervisor at PUSH 22. She is a professional account wrangler and trusted client pard’ner.     Read More »
Almost one million years ago (or eight years to be precise) the pushtwentytwo brand was born. We created it. We loved it. We lived with it. Fast forward to December 2012 and we’re proud to introduce you to the new PUSH 22. What's changed? Well, our name, for one thing. Read More »
We believe that for you to truly understand us, you should know who we are – each of us. Featured this month is Account Executive, Marisa Sciarrino. Marisa loves to cook, plans her wedding in her spare time and used to sell chocolate. Read on; we think you’ll like what you learn. Read More »
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  • Posted: July 31, 2012