Media Truths: Top 2 Things to Consider for the Month of August

Posted: August 1, 2016

Topics: Strategy


This is the sixth in the series of Media Truths. Each month we will highlight two things that you can do to make your media dollars work harder. If you’re new to our blog, check out our July Media Tips.

Media Truth #11:  Change is good

And by change, we mean creative. If you’ve been running the same creative (regardless of the media type) for a while, you really need to change it up. Over time, people become accustomed to seeing something and then “don’t see it anymore.”.  In fact, only 14% of consumers remember the last ad they saw and the company or product it promoted.

You most likely have a variety of messages that will help you connect with your customer, so on a regular basis change up the message.  Your customer might just find something new to like about your products or services.

Media Truth #12:   Please step away from the UGC

User generated content (UGC) is all the rage right now.  It seems that everyone and their grandmother has a YouTube channel or a blog where they are showing you how to groom your dog, frost your cake or snake your pipes (fortunately, not all at the same time).  Most of the content is perfectly fine even if the production value is a bit wonky.  But (and you knew that there was a “but” in here somewhere) there is stuff on the internet with which you do not want to be associated with.  

So, before you place your banner or video ads on YouTube or other social media sites, think about the content.  Would you like your customers to associate your company with content about substance abuse, sex, religion or politics?  If not, your best bet is to utilize companies that have strict screening for content (and yes, we know who they are).  Or avoid UGC all together.

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 This post was written by D. Diers, Media Director at PUSH 22.