Virtual Campus 2.0: Higher Ed Recruiting with Cardboard

Posted: November 19, 2015

Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy, Technology

Every small college is looking for an edge in their recruiting efforts.

You’re already active on Instagram and other social media channels, you’re creating online video, “viewbooks” and other content, and you’re tracking it all using your marketing automation platform.

So what’s next?

For small colleges, the campus visit is a very powerful recruiting tool. If you can get a potential student or their family to visit your campus they’re far more likely to register and attend when the new school year rolls around. That’s why we’ve made it a key metric for our work with Rochester College.

But getting students to campus isn’t always easy or practical.

So what do you do?

Virtual Tours are nothing new, of course, but The Savannah College of Art and Design used Google’s inexpensive VR technology, Google Cardboard, to create a virtual campus that gives students a virtual tour of campus in a unique and fun way.

If you’ve never heard of Google Cardboard, it’s a pretty cool concept – a low-end VR headset that you can make from a few inexpensive materials. When paired with a custom iPhone or android app, you have an immersive 3D experience at relatively little cost.

It’s a fun and engaging idea that uses cool tech to reach prospective students. And what college recruiter couldn’t use few more of those?

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This post was written by R. Wilkie, Creative Director at PUSH 22.